Our Work

Scope of sector experience and expertise

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Solar PV (pico/SHS/off-grid) ● Solar Waterheating ● Wind (small) ● Small Hydro Power ● Biomass ● Clean Cookstoves ● Industrial Energy Efficiency ● Waste to Energy


Agro processing ● Linkage to off-grid energy ● Food seed production and dissemination


Family well being ● Maternal health ● Baby health ● Reduction of pregnancy-related complications and associated death of mothers and babies ● Youth lifeskills – HIV & AIDS, drugs

Media and communications

Publishing – newsletter, magazines ● Communication materials ● Web portal development and management ● Mobile apps development ● Visual and audio production ● Event/Seminar/Workshop organisation and management

Scope of services

1 – Market and sector studies

Systemic change analysis > Business case analysis > Market entry and expansion strategies

2 – Development of programmes, projects and relationships

Conceptualising and structuring programs and projects > Design of challenge-driven market intervention tools > Scoping and identification > Feasibility studies > Economic and financial analysis/modelling

3 – Management of programmes and projects

Implementation Regional representation > Partnership and support to external/foreign parties > Risk management, Performance analysis, monitoring and evaluation

4 – Stakeholder dialogue facilitation

Facilitating/MC at workshops/conferences > Moderating group discussions > SWOT analysis

5 – Capacity building and business development services

Business diagnostic analysis > SME training, resource management > Business finance, internal systems and controls > Technology transfer > ICT > Demand side and supply side interventions

6 – Policy and regulation

Gap analysis > Spearheading Standards and Standardisation > Support for Sector Associations > Promotion of increased private sector participation and public-private partnerships.

Our Clients

Integral Advisory has executed assignments for several leading local and international clients, and Governments. References and specific project details are available on request.